Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

At CREST, we recognise that we have a bigger role to play in the world. Everyday, we strive to make the world around us better through our dedication to sustainable products and innovations, Green initiatives and services to our communities.

Universe is made of 5 elements ( पञ्च - तत्त्व ) and the community lives within it. At CREST, We try to sustain each element.

Good Working Conditions

Our longstanding vision to be an innovative, inspiring and fair workplace with ideal and exemplary working conditions.

Green and Safe Workplaces

Sound, effective and safe workplaces with focus on environment, health and safety of all stakeholders.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Strengthen innovation by capacity building and introducing new business models shaping digital transformation and ethics.

Superior & Sustainable Product Quality

Our continued efforts to ensure High quality products based on product integrity ,quality management and focus on Research and Development

Corporate Citizenship Charter

Excellence through community engagement, philanthropy and corporate volunteering


  • CREST has a Closed Circuit system preventing exposure to workers and the environment.

  • We have reduced emission levels to 20% of permissible limits by Changing over to ESP.

  • CREST has a “LEL Detector” for monitoring leakage of hazardous vapours in work areas.

  • We are In process of installing a VOC meter for continuous & stringent monitoring.


  • CREST has installed Rainwater harvesting at Dharwad Unit.

  • We have set up Rainwater harvesting infrastructure at the Manufacturing unit at Kheda.

  • CREST has Reduced domestic water consumption by using recycled water from STP.


  • We have Switched over to eco-friendly Bio-fuel from conventional fuels.

  • We have installed a Captive Solar Energy generation system at KHEDA.

  • CREST has been successful in Reduction of fuel consumption through waste heat recovery.

  • We have Considerably reduced Carbon footprint.


  • Being environmentally conscious, Crest helps and encourages initiatives to keep the area green and pollution free.

  • Regular tree plantation drives are conducted by the management and employees within and around the plant site.

Recycle and Waste Management

  • We have installed a Zero Discharge Facility ( No Effluent Discharge) at each unit.

  • CREST Has reduced solid waste generation through rationalization of raw materials.

  • Conversion of paper and organic waste to manure (For Captive Consumption)

  • CREST has Reduced Packing material consumption by dispatching goods in bulk tankers/packaging.

  • We Focus on Reuse of Packaging material wherever possible through the decontamination process.

  • CREST has strictly discontinued the use of Xylene for azeotropic distillation for removal of water (*in some processes)

  • We have also discontinued use of Xylene in the Reactor cleaning process by replacing it with water/acetic acid solution.

Sustainable Product Initiatives

Currently CREST is in process of developing environment friendly and sustainable products for Composites and Coatings. They are :

  1. Low temperature cure polyester system
  2. Bio-polyester for coil coating line
  3. High line speed products
  4. High solid and solventless products
  5. UV and Radiation cure products
  6. Inorganic composite/coating products
  7. Low styrene and Styrene free products
  8. Composite applications related to light weighting in automobiles/mass transport to reduce overall carbon footprint.

Sustainability efforts for ECOVADIS

  • Started monitoring of CO2 Emission
  • Implemented system for Water Use monitoring & Optimization
  • Implemented system for Transportation Emergency Cards – TREM card for hazardous material transportation
  • Formed works committee for social dialogue with management
  • Started training on Sustainability Topics within organization
  • Started penetrating Sustainability principles in the supply chain
  • Evaluating suppliers on the basis of ESG principles also apart from Quality and Price
  • Implemented policy of Whistle blower mechanism
  • Implemented policy of Information Security & Data Protection
  • Focus is given on purchasing recycled packing material

Beckers Sustainability Award

Our efforts in water conservation, solar energy consumption, and other initiatives of having an overall eco-friendly approach to our operations have brought us the prestigious Beckers Sustainability Award by Beckers Group.